Scripted content production

Production Set for 'Bar Brawl'
Set of Bar Brawl, an online Bartending Competition

Shooting a web-series, sketch or other production? I can help you plan, shoot, and edit your project, taking it to the next level. I have a wide range of experience working on film sets to Youtube sketches

Sketch Production photo
Shooting a mock DJ Vlad Interview

than can help you shorten the amount of time you spend shooting and worrying about translating your ideas from paper to the screen.

Livestreaming Events

Possessing a deep technical backround gained from over a decade in the software engineering field, i can help you plan the logistics

ATEM Mini and Ipad for livestreaming
Livestreaming a live comedy event, ipad used as extra monitor

needed for your livestream event, as well as provide the team and equipment for it. Contact me today so we can discuss how take your livestreamed events to the next level.


Contact me today for a professional solution for your video project.